Boarding & Training

Horse Boarding


El Rancho Equestrian provides:

  • Indoor board

    • Turn out

    • Grain 2X a day

    • Quality hay

    • Fresh water inside and out

    • Heated water outside

    • Night check

    • Stalls cleaned once a day

    • Blanketing and additional care at an extra cost

    • Equine wellness schedule (farrier, vet, etc)

  • Outdoor board

    • Quality hay

    • Clean water

    • Shelter

    • Checked twice daily (minimum)

    • Over 16 acres of paddock space

    • Well maintained electric fence

    • Equine wellness schedule (farrier, vet, etc.)

  • Training board

    • Choice between indoor or outdoor board

    • Personalized training program


As a full service equestrian centre El Rancho equestrian has a variety of programs and services to choose from at prices you will find truly competitive.


Whether you have a young horse that needs starting or a mature horse that requires training to maintain its’ competitive advantage we can arrange a program to suit your needs.